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I have seen that the hunting task points that you get, depends of the creatures you kill, the amount you choose to kill, and the number of 'stars' you got on the creature.


I guess the differences between creatures is about their difficult (same as for the bestiary maybe).

So how many points do you get depending of:

  • Kind of creature you kill
  • Number of creatures you choose to kill
  • Stars you have on the chosen creature

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Creatures of 25/50 kills give:

25 Kills1012141821
50 Kills2024283641

Creatures of 100/200 kills give:

100 Kills4050637898
200 Kills80100126156196

Creatures of 400/800 kills give:

400 Kills160208270352487
800 Kills320416540704914
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Could you say the points you get if you have 2,3 and 4 stars aswell?
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Sry for delay, usually I don't log in on weeks,I'm going to edit it.
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Yes, there are different difficulty limits. Stronger monsters must kill more than weaker. 

in my opinion there are only three levels. I found prey on the cursed book and he has the last one.

  • 25-50 (10,10,14,18,21 points)
  • 100-200 (40,50,63,78,98 points)
  • 400-800 (160,208,270,352,457 points)

I think this right variants (50,200,800) you get when you have bestiary completed for monster. 3rd prey slot costs 750tc. One stars (you can roll this for one card) gives irregular points, let me check and edit.

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Indeed, can you expecific un tour answer that when you complete the double kills junta, you get the double of points? For example for kills of 400 you grt: 160, 208, 270, 352 and 457; so for 800 kills you would get: 320, 416... Etc
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yes, when you have this option with more kills that the points are also a bit more, but I haven't calculated it yet :)