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Where can I change my hunting task points for rewards, and what are the reward and its value that I can get?
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Some facts after I got a bronze hunter trophy:

You can write on that (up to ~99 letter)
It can't be displayed on walls
It is better than I thought XD
I dont know yet if its rewriteable
It is like  a store item, nobody can steal, but they can write, move, etc.
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It is rewritable if you wrap it back into your store box :)

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You need to talk to Walter Jaeger, he is located HERE

Here are the rewards:

AntelopeAntelope mount: 145,000

Outfit Falconer MaleOutfit Falconer FemaleFalconer Outfit base: 100,000

Outfit Falconer Male Addon 1Outfit Falconer Female Addon 1Falconer Outfit addon 1: 35,000

Outfit Falconer Male Addon 2Outfit Falconer Female Addon 2Falconer Outfit addon 2: 35,000

Bone BedBone Bed: 35,000

Gold Hunter TrophyGold Hunter Trophy: 80,000

Silver Hunter TrophySilver Hunter Trophy: 15,000

Bronze Hunter TrophyBronze Hunter Trophy: 3,000

Hellflayer TrophyHellflayer Trophy: 80,000

Sea Serpent Trophy (Prey)Sea Serpent Trophy: 15,000

Gozzler TrophyGozzler Trophy: 3,000

There we some Hunting Task changes made on the points of the rewards on September 15, 2020.

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The bone bed looks amazing <3
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What you think to add a Note talking about the changes made today? In future ppl might not understand what is the number into ()
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hey thank you! didnt catch that
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All you need to do is to talk with Walter Jaeger . He is the NPC responsible for exchanging the points of the Prey Hunting Tasks. Located HERE.

To get chosen reward you have to say "reward" and then choose the best for you option.

14:21 Walter Jaeger: Good hunting! I can offer you some lovely rewards for finishing prey hunting tasks! Furthermore I can tell you how many hunting task points (HTP) you actually have and you have already spent.
14:21 Makadamia [699]: rewards
14:21 Walter Jaeger: Finishing prey hunting tasks will give you hunting task points (HTP). These can be exchanged for items of the following categories: outfit, mount, trophies and furniture. ...
14:21 Walter Jaeger: Please note, that all items will be put into your Store inbox!

According to the recent NEWS the list of rewards looks like this:

Antelope    145 000 HTP


Falconer Outfit:

Base :  (male) (female)       100 000 HTP

First Addon :(male) (female)      35 000 HTP

Second Addon : (male)  (female)   35 000 HTP

Full addons :  (male)  (female)   

Bone Bed 35 000 HTP

Gold Hunter Trophy   80 000 HTP      

Silver Hunter Trophy    15 000 HTP     

 Bronze Hunter Trophy  3 000 HTP

Hellflayer Trophy   80 000 HTP   

Sea Serpent Trophy  15 000 HTP    

Gozzler Trophy 3 000 HTP