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Hello guys!

With Winter Update recently released, Cipsoft introduced the Party hunt Analyser, so how does this tool works? How should  we configurate for a hunt in group?

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Well for me this tool is a complete success! Loved it.

The leader of the party can configurate the loot according to his configurate on the cyclopedia, or according to the market prices (I use my own prices cause sometimes players put crazy offers for items which value is not real).

As you can see there are 2 areas on the analyzer:

  • First part: Is global (beyong all the members of the party), tells you the total loot, supplies used and the total balance.
  • Second part information is for every player in the party, it gives:
    • Supplies used by the player (in gps)
    • Damage dealed by the player (in hit points)
    • Hit points healed by the player.
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Great job B =]