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I remember CipSoft had awarded the number 100,000 buyer of premium account back in 2008ish but since then I've never heard of anything or anyone else having one. Is this game obtainable in-game at all or just that one time reward from CipSoft? I'm curious to know as TibiaWiki has some outdated information.

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According to the legend, Dragon Scale Legs Dragon Scale Legs are unobtainable - meaning you cannot get them from any creature or quest. From what I heard you can get these only if you deserve them and there's only 3 legs in all of the Tibian Land! I don't think there's any recent updates on whom owns the legs because I've been constantly been asking around.
In 2004 a player by the name of Lostboy obtained them for being a Goodboy. He apparently owned a key Copper Keythat used to open and close all the house doors in Thais. He was basically a landlord whom rented out apartments for the middle class. We're unsure of the year in which Pskonejott got his legs but apparrently he was also a goodboy and reported bugs for his. Lastly on July 26th 2007 a player named Abertt got his legs for purchasing premium - He was the 100,000th player to purchase premium!
A fun little fact is there's an item called Chocolatey Dragon Scale Legs Chocolatey Dragon Scale Legs, you can't even eat this! But you can easily obtain it by killing Pinata Dragons which happen during Tibia's Anniversary, January 5 through January 31.