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How can I get this achievement? I know it was added in new update. Any idead what item is needed, where I can find it or what I need to do to get it?

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"Steppe Elegance" - Champion of the wildlands, a swift strider among the creatures of the wild. The elegant nature of the gallop, this envoy of speed has mastered, indicates the precise understanding of its terrain and environment.

It is obtainable by getting the Antelope mount .

To get Antelope you have to trade 225000 points earned from Hunting Tasks with NPC Walter Jaeger.

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How much time takes to get that amount of points? I heard that points are so hard to get
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It's 7 days after Cipsoft implemented new update, I guess nobody knows it atm. As far as I know for each task you can get different amount of points (for example 50 or 200) and do 2 tasks per slot before the slot is "exhausted". So yes, it seems to be hard.