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I finished The Eye of the Chasm mission in Feaster of Souls Quest. In this mission we have to enter the cave in the mountain located next to The Thaian by using the Small Sapphire on the wall. Next we have to mine (use a Pick or similar secret service tool) the Large Luminescent Crystal from the wall to obtain Luminescent Crystals Luminescent Crystal. I tried to take them to my house (I wanted use  them as a decoration item), but after I walk to the south from the cave in the mountain the crystals disappeared. I saw Luminescent Crystals in one of Edron houses.

Question: Does someone know how can I  transport crystals from the cave in mountain to my house?

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Immediately after you quit the cave put the gems on the flor, and after you make one sqm down the inscription "you shall not keep what is not rightfully yours"  will appear but the gems on the floor won't disappear   

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You can take Luminescent Crystals  with yourself after you end mission from Thaian :) 

There is also 2nd way (little more dangerous and you need to have quest done)

After you collect  go on the -2 floor and follow the map. Enter teleport  and you will be teleported to Vengoth. East from the Main boss. 

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Hmm I finished this mission and still I can't take crystals with me
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There is still a chance that you will lose crystals, but I just tried to do it 7 times and I lost crystals 2 times. That's why you can go 2nd way :)