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The problem is I cannot find my teleportation rod I got from the NPC. Is there any chance I can buy it from a NPC or get it once again? Or easiest way is to take it from another char? Thank you for your answer.
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tryed some dialog with the npc upstairs of the quest and didnt had luck, also tryed to see on blackbert and he dont sell it, if you got any char that didnt make the quest probabily is easyer to get like it just be sure to dont lose it in case you want do with the other char aswell

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There no way to get a second teleportation rod from image , but you can use the Teleportation Rod of any of yours team mates, just in case you wanna be more safe and have your own, they only way to have one, is by ask for it from another character, to get this the only you have to do is go to the NPC image and give him the 30 Demonic Essences that are required.

Hope this helps you.

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The Teleportation Rod  cannot be purchased from any NPC, the easiest way to get another is to use another character and deliver 30 Demonic Essences   to Mazarius 

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I am pretty sure this item doesn't get consumed when you finish the quest. So you may be able to borrow it from a friend or buy one in market. The other option is getting another one on a level 150+ character of your own.
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From some research of tibia websites that support information about this item it is only possible to acquire it from the quest itself, not even blackbert sells it, maybe in future updates.

My best bet is do it with other character or simply try to buy it on advertising.

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You can go to Mazarius and ask for a teleportation rod.

He will sell it fo 1k.

Mazarius: If you lost your teleportation rod, I can supply you with another, but sadly you will have to cover the material cost of 1000 gold. Is it that what you want?