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Golden Sea Horse Figurine.gifGolden Sea Horse Figurine
It weighs 10.50 oz.
It is a mark of distinction, awarded by the priesthood of Bastesh to those who help sea creatures in need.

How and where can I get this golden version of the sea horse figurine ? 

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No, I'm not wrong, and answering Ellostris' question on this comment section and giving my opinion, which is clearly shared with other users. And you see, the beauty of this types of websites is that no one person is right or wrong: the community decides what's right or wrong. And based on all the downvotes you have received here, the community has not approved what you have done. Simple.

I have read the rules and FAQ. I have a lot of experience (and points) on Stack Exchange communities, specially on Stack Overflow which is by far the biggest QA website in the world. And there's a clear distinction between answering your own questions honestly and doing it the way you did. Again: it's not just me saying it, it's the TibiaQA community based on the comments and votes here. If you think this is right, then you have to accept your opinion on this matter is not the opinion of the majority of the community of TibiaQA right now.

And finally: if you're not ready to deal with not having your opinions supported by the community all the time, you may need to rethink your participation in it.
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I have started a discussion about this more openly on Meta: https://meta.tibiaqa.com/785/should-questions-answers-quickly-elsewhere-allowed-tibiaqa
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I'm happy about this question because I got to learn something new. This item is beautiful and I would like to get it but I guess with my level is not possible. Upvote! :-)

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You can get it in a optional mission of the Kilmaresh Quest.

A Shark in Need 

Talk with Ninev here:

ask him : "shark", he will ask for a cure. 

Then go here:


here you can find a sheep . Use a Ritual Scissors on a alive sheep and you will get Greasy Wool. After that you will need a Box with Balm. You can get it  here:


Use a Greasy Wool on Box with Balm to create a Box with Waterproof Balm then go back to Ninev and talk him again about mission. He will give you a  Golden Sea Horse Figurine Golden Sea Horse Figurine.gif.

Using scissors on sheepgetting the greasy woolPlace of the Box with BalmAll items togetherMessage when you use themCure ready

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Is it normal to answer on own questions?
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I still have to learn a lot about this website. Thanks :)