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I know there's different rods in Tibia but what are they all used for or whats the differences?

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Acid Resistant Fishing Rod  Acid Resistant Fishing Rod

You can get it by doing Buried Cathedral mission in The Dream Courts Quest (You have to click on pile of rubbish to get it). You need Acid Resistant Fishing Rod  to find the first word (K'muuh).

Mechanical Fishing Rod Mechanical Fishing Rod

You can get it by doing Just A Fishing Trip mission in The Isle of Evil Quest from NPC Rapanaio. He wants you to fish a Mechanical Fish image from the sewers of Yalahar, a fish you can only catch by using Nails as bait.

Fishing Rod Fishing Rod

Fishing rods are used to fish (a fish you can only catch by using worms Worm as bait). The more you use a rod, the higher your fishing skill becomes. Only some squares of water contains fish at any given time, and once a fish is caught from a square, it will take around 30 minutes for it to respawn. Fishing is the only skill that is not related to combat. 

Simple Fishing Rod Simple Fishing Rod.gif

With worms Worm in your backpack you can use as Simple Fishing Rod to try to catch Tiny Bas Tiny Bass(Orcsoberfest).

Stout Fishing Rod Stout Fishing Rod.gif

With Tiny Bass Tiny Bass in your backpack, you can use it as a Stout Fishing Rod to try to catch Small Bass Small Bass(Orcsoberfest).

Advanced Fishing Rod Advanced Fishing Rod.gif

With Small Bass Small Bass in your backpack, you can use it as an Advanced Fishing Rod to catch Bass Bass (Orcsoberfest).




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Thanks for your informative answer and with pics!