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I was improving my fishing skills and to be honest trying to get the achievement you get from fishing 1000 fishes and I started wondering, is there any other achievement linked to fishing? In any aspects, or quest involved. Which ones are the achievements linked to fish?

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The achievements I know of are:

BiodegradableCatch 50 Shimmer Swimmers.
Desert FisherFishing a Sandfish during River Runs Deep Mini World Change.
Exquisite TasteCatch 250 fish through Ice Fishing.
Here, Fishy Fishy!Catch 1000 fish.

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Theres also the one where u deliver the fishes (green perches and rainbow trout) to the NPC in Svargrond. The NPC has same sprite as chakoyas
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I didn't include that one because you technically don't have to fish for it. You could just buy them in the market. Not sure if I should add it to the list or not.
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Sorry I missed this question. You should include the achievement 'Lucky Devil' as well. Half the achievement is earned by 'fishing' a Leviathan amulet from a slain Water Elemental (Greater or normal) and the other half is achieved from polishing a Slightly Rusted Armor and getting a Golden armor