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I have a level 50 knight and tried to get the task with Grizzly Adams for mutated rats, but for some reason it ignores the 'mutated' part and thinks I am talking about rats. I tried to get mutated tiger task and it worked, only mutated rats don't work.

Do I have to say something else to get the mutated rat task?

When I say 'task', 'rat' or 'task', 'mutated rat' it says the same thing, about it being too easy.

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If this isn't resolved by leaving and coming back or something else simple, you may want to make a ticket on the tibs website, as this may be a glitch.
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When you ask for a task, Grizzly Adams should give you a list with certain key words you can choose from. Have you tried clicking "Mutated rats" instead of typing it? That should select the keyword for you.
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One important thing: What is your current level? Depending on which level you have, you may not get this specific task.

You should get this task as long you are between the level range for that task. Apart from that, there is no way to get this task.