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I really only imbued something once or twice. This isn't a daily for me, I'm an old-timer in the sense of how I hunt. BUT I've heard great things about imbuing. So I was wondering if you can give me the pros to imbuements. If you could list all the imbuements in your opinion on whether they are worth it - I'd really appreciate that as well as a bonus.

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Sure all imbuents worthy. Some of them will let you hunt at areas that you couldn't hunt before, another will provide a bigger profit at the end of hunting. Today I don't think is viable to do any good hunt without imbuements, all you need to research is which imbuements are the better option for each hunt. I'll give you an example:

Lets think about a hunt at Nightmare Islands, there I (Paladin lvl 540) use to hunt in 2 different ways: ED + RP or party with knight, so we have:

  • ED + RP: in this case I will be the blocker so I'll go to the hunt with all imbuents possible 2 vampirism 2 void 1 critical 1 precision
  • Party + EK: but if I'm hunting with a party I dont need to block so I can jsut use imbuements to provide me mana and extra damage.
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The ones I think are not worth (almost nobody uses them) are:

  • Death damage  (part of physical damage is Converter to death damage): It is much more usefull to convert this physical damage to other elemental damage.
  • Holy protection (reduces holy damage taken by some percents): useless until the wintera update 2019, where creatures with strong holy damage were intruded. Before this only a few usted holy damage, and for them It was not their main elemental attack (ex: falcons)
  • Shielding (increases your shielding skill): this is used un shields, helmets and spellbooks, but on these items are much more usefull to imbue elemental protections, attack skill imbuements/Magic level and mana leech.

The rest of them, as lehula said are realy usefull.

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Holy Damage creatures were not introduced in winter update 2019.
Creatures doing holy damage is a thing since they added Fernfang to the game (2005), of course it is not needed for Fernfang, but don't forget that Falcons also deal holy damage.
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You right, I meant to say creatures which main damage is holy. Because falcons' attacks are mainly Terra and Energy.