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I know it seems as if Tibia is from the Medieval ages as a period of time, but is Tibia based off of a specific year? I'm just asking if there's any books that mark the Tibian point of time. I know Tibian time works different than time in real life so maybe it's all just made-up. Is there any proof as to what specific time Tibia is based off of (like in books for example)? I know the tools we possess point towards the Medieval ages but I'm not sure.

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Within the tibia itself there are books that tell the story of the game. Tibia time is completely different from real-time time.
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That's true Tibia is pretty much all made up regarding Tibian time so Tibia made it's own type of history. Do you have an idea as to what date they made up as to the creation of life?
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If you read the tibia lore, you will see that there is a time when there was nothing, only the gods of Tibia. If put in today's times, the tibia would be a little after the dark age.
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you mean the creation of humans book or whatever?;o