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I've heard that the maximum you can tank before your shielding or defense decreases is 2. Anything above that something happens to your defense. What exactly happens or decreases? I'm a Druid and not a Knight but I find myself always tanking things and curious as to what exactly happens thank you.
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Not sure who downvoted this question but I hope you understand it's a curious question.

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You can block 2 creatures using your shielding defense. Any more bypasses the shielding skill so you are being directly hit by the creature without defense.
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In addition to Jeffrey Dead's answer: ranged ammunition, such as arrows, bolts, etc also ignore shields defense, doesn't matter if you have 1 or 8 creatures on you, the distance attackers will hit harder. (maybe thats why Hunter was so dangerous back in the days :D)
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If you gather 3 or more creatures they break your defense, in other words you have less chance to defend and with that the damage rate you take is higher.