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From my understanding in Minotaur Hell there's a Minotaur Mage who is locked in a room and closeby a magic forcefield. I was wondering if anyone has reached him or has any tips as to maybe how we can find a key or something.
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can you put image about which minotaur u are talking about?
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my screenshots are black and not working :/ but if u go to mino hell its to the west in the big room with the minotaurs in rook

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The Minotaur Mage on Rookgaard is not available.

Many theories according to which the key was to drop were refuted. People connected Spike Sword with Minotaur Mag. In connection with the sign next to Spike Sword: You see a sign. You read: Only the humble may touch the Sword of Fury, interesting places on Rookgaard were combined with the colloquial understanding of the word humble. There were many attempts to obtain the key to the Minotaur Mage. One of the most interesting is killing a lonely minotaur on the tower without inventory at the initial level, as well as an attempt to open the door by a new player, with a new account, a new ip, and a freshly downloaded client. No attempts worked. There are also rumors that one day you could get into a room in Minotaur's hell by quest for a spike sword, but there is no credible evidence.In the olden days, gamemasters teleported several people to the Minotaur Mage room on a test server. After entering the teleport located in the minotaur's room, the players were transferred to the temple on the Rookgaard.
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No, according to a book that has it there the minotaur locked himself with the key.