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I own a house that is a shop in Venore. I didn't know this was such a special thing to have. I was wondering what makes a house a shop and which houses in Tibia are considered shops?

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Any house that has one of those counters (usually with a flip up gate to walk through) that separates a room is considered a shop. I believe they all (or at least most) have a blackboard you can write on. It made more sense in the old days when players sold their items in person before the market so people could see what they offer then stand in their house while the player comes and sells them the item.
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Hi game mate,

Here you have an example related to the Jeffrey explanation :):

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Ahh mine doesn't have a blackboard :( I wish. I know I asked for a list of shops so does anyone have a link or any idea of all the houses in tibia that are shops or is that a little much to ask maybe Im not sure how many shops are out there
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You can look through this list of all houses. All shops either have "shop" in the title of the house or in parentheses after the title