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I'm looking for a good spawn of Massive Water Elementals. Tibia Wikia states, "Calassa, Frozen Trench, before Zugurosh in The Inquisition Quest." But I don't like any of these locations. Is there another location that has a better spawn of Massive Water Elementals. I need this for bestiary and also hunting task thank you.

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In Port Hope on the water elementals/quaras cave, there is a respawn of 8 massive water elementals, not many, but it is comfortable without all those annoying quaras. You need a helmet of the deep and go into the whirlpools.

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This spawn is easy to get to just bring your helmet of the deep thank you this is the best spawn imo
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From my experience, the respawn at Inquisition is the best in the game for those creatures.

During fast respawn is really fast to get the bestiary done, and you also have the benefit of completing quaras with it.

They lack a proper spawn indeed, all other place have extremely low density. I'm sorry I don't have a better choice, but I think inquisition is the way to go.
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thanks for your opinion i have to do hunting task tonight ;s