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What are ALL the known creature languages in Tibia (For example: Orc language) I love fun little facts about Tibia.

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 Hero Human Language: English

Chakoya Toolshaper Chakoya Language : This is the language of the Chakoyas which lives near Svargrond. Most of it is translated:


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 Elf Elven Language: This is the language of the elves, you can found a lot of this in Ab'dendriel

Some of the words which are translated can be found :


Orc Orc Language: This is the language of Orcs, Most of the words are translated and can be found in following articles:



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Cyclops Cyclops Language:  Cyclops in Tibia have their own language and even elementary book! You can find "Cyclops ABC (Book)"- https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Cyclops_ABCs_(Book). The funny part is that the book has no content of words- it looks like Alphabet book.  It seems that they alphabet is English! We know some words of this language that reference metals like Za'Ralator which refers to a Demon Iron.

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 Angry Demon  Undead Language/ Demons language: This is one of the most rares languages in tibia, we know that demons have a language cause they say "CHAMEK ATH UTHUL ARAK" and we can find book in Serpentine Tower- Mehrah Asram- that have this words said by Mummy- "Chamek ath Uthul arak" which means "Sacrifice your blood", Connection to :


 Deepling Spellsinger Deepling Language(Jekhr): Deeplings have they own language and you can found a lot of this in the books in Gray Island. The explanation of their language was partially explained by CipSoft:



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BonelordBonelord Language(469): This is the most mysterious language. Many tried to break it and translate it- none succeded so far.  Some links:



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Lazaran Caveman Language: Near Zao we can found a little tribe of Cavemans. More information about their language in Article: 


 Astral Shapers language- it seems Astral shapers has their own language too! 

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Worth to mention:

 Dworc Voodoomaster Dworc Language: This little creatures say a few words like ("Prek tars, dekklep zurk."."Grow truk grrrrr."; "Brak brrretz!), therefore, we can assume that they have they own language 

War Wolf Wolves Language: We can found a book in POH with the name "The language of the Wolves" 


Blue Djinn  Djinn Language : Djinns have a few words- like greeting- "DJANNI'HAH", which means that they can have their own language too. 

image "Zarganash" Language": In fact Zarganash its a "word" of an ancient language which we don't know

 Minotaur Minotaur Language references: "KAPLAR!" Minotaurs don't "have a language", they have this word which is a reference to "Qapla, a Klingon's word from Star Wars

  Rotworm language - Apparently we can communicate with Rotworms by dance moves! "Communicating with rotworms through dance moves. Fascinating!"  https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=3634#amaro

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  • Human language
  • Bonelord language
  • Deepling Language
  • Elven language
  • Orc language
  • Chakoya language
  • Kapplar language: Minotaur language
  • Gharonk language: Used by the inhabitants of a mysterious city underneath the Jakundaf desert
  • Cavemen language: Used  mmy the cavemen of zao mountain
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In addition to your answer, KAPLAR the Minotaur lanaguage. Thanks for your response.
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ohhhhh true!, adding it now, thanks
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