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I know in Tibia we have lemonade, water, beer, maybe shakes and other liquids and I was wondering if we could actually get full off of these items? I'm too lazy to test it out and this interests me. I know in real life if I drink a lot of water it makes me full. Please list the liquids that can make you full in Tibia, if any.

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Yes you can get full by drinking some liquids as they work similar to food and grand you regeneration.

Examples of liquids that work as foods:

  •  Energy Drink 
  • Bottle of Tibian Wine 
  • Filled Milk Churn 
  • Winterberry Liquor 
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As I know you can be full by drinking:

Sweet Mangonaise Elixir Sweet Mangonaise Elixir

Banana Chocolate Shake Banana Chocolate Shake

I think you are full after drinking these liquids because of special effect what they make.

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