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I think Christmas trees disappear and I want to know when they disappear. I'm not sure why they would, it would make us cheery if we could keep it!

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Yes, Christmas Tree Christmas Tree is a temporary item, so this item will disappear after Christmas event which ends December 31. Same happens to Snowman (decorated) as Anubora mentioned.

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Also does Snowman Package (probably snowman statue aswell)
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Thx for you suport =]
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I asked about snowman package last year how you didn’t know that :p

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fun little tip the snowman package will disappear in your house but if u keep it in the depot it wont!!! so make sure to save it before then my friend told me this tip. thnx all for ur responses.
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Christmas items disappear on December 31st when the Christmas event ends, as noted by Leula Dohon. Here's the items that disappear after the Christmas event is over:

Christmas Branch Christmas Branch 

Christmas GarlandChristmas Garland 

Christmas TreeChristmas Tree

Christmas WreathChristmas Wreath

Red Christmas GarlandRed Christmas Garland

Snowman (Decorated)Decorated Snowman