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2x exp is nearby and I was thinking on solo hunting on Issavi sewers, but while thinking about which charms I'd use, I had a doubt about the Parry Charm.

How does PARRY CHARM (reflects damage) works on summoned creatures? 

In Issavi we can find the "Black Sphinx Acolyte", he will ocasionally summon a "Skeleton Elite Warrior".

  • If I have my Parry Charm set on the Black Sphinx, will it work on his Skeleton summon as well?
  • If it works, will the damage be reflected to the skeleton himself or to the Black Sphinx?
  • If I have Parry Charm on Skeleton, will it work on the summoned skeleton? Or does it have to be a "Real" Skeleton Elite?

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If you have the parry charm activated on Black Sphinx Acolyte then it wont reflect damage to the summon (Skeleton Elite Warrior), the damage will get reflected back to the Black Sphinx Acolyte.

However if you have the parry charm activated (or any other charm) on Skeleton Elite Warrior then it will work and parry the summon (Skeleton Elite Warrior). Doesn't matter that it's a summon in this case.

As proof that charms do work on summons I'll attach a picture of my server log. Where you clearly can see that the charm got activated, poison in this case, but parry or dodge will work as well.

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Thanks so much for testing this out I was about to do it myself because this question is such a great question. So basically parry will work on the summon only if the summons name is the creature listed under parry.
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Thank you for testing it =) I guess now I can properly select my charms!
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No problem, good luck on your journey in the sewers ;)
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The charm do not work at the summons. The damage will be reflected at the monster selected.