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I wanted to know how this charm called parry works. I know that it does NOT reduce your taken damage, it only can hit the monster back but, how much does it hit?

I had this charm on grimeleech few weeks ago and it is totally random, I got hit for 700hp and it only deflects 40, and other times I got hit for 300hp and it deflects 650+.

Is there any formula? Is it based of damage taken? Is it 10% to trigger the proc?

Thanks in advance

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If im not mistaken the chance for it to trigger is ~10% and it deflects all the damage you received, but it considers the weakness/resistance of the monster to the element and armor (in case of physical hits). Lets say that a behemoth hits you by 400hp, and gets reflected. the physical resistance (10%) and armor (50) of the behemoth will be discounted, so it will receive ~310hp of damage (it's not displayed with a color as an element like physical or ice, but the calculation is done with the resistance to te element that you were hit with).
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According to this, setting up Parry on Massive Fire Elementals, Massive Water Elementals, every single book or squid in the library and so on is completely useless? For example Burning Books and Rage Squids hit melee (ok, like every monster) and all their other attacks are fire based but they are 100% immune to fire. I've been told that the damage you deflect its converted to "pure/true damage" and cannot be blocked or reduced, that's why when you trigger the proc you see dark purple numbers.
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Is there any formula? No or at least a very simple one.

Is it based of damage taken? It reflects monster base/pure damage (damage taken without protections) with a certain chance.

 Is it 10% to trigger the proc? Not sure, I lost these statics.

About the 700 vs 40 scenario you encountered, you probably took a grimeleech beam and reflected only his melee.

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The 700 vs 40 was when a Grimeleech shot a beam from distance (4-5 SQM's away), but thanks for the answer.