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As we all know, mage vocations (characterized by high magic level vocations, like druids or sorcerers) are essential when battling on PvP fights, no matter if we are talking on a quarrel made by a PK team on your team hunt or on a war on the server. But as we all know already about it, what are the logical abilities and skills that determine a good mage on a PvP setting? They are usually the big damage dealers and the most valuable members of the fray when we need to do a combo (Druids with paralyze and healing included) but how do I know that I am good on PvP? Many players (neutrals) on Open-PvP servers barely never have time to test their abilities on this subject, so they don't really know on how good they are until they get on a hunted or on a PK incident... How do I train these abilities nowadays? Is there a way to know by the success on PvE that a player will be good on PvP, or both things can be diametrically opposites to each other? What are the good success for a decent shooter/damage dealer on a PvP situation exactly?

Please, try to provide a good answer based on solid experience. I want a good text regarding it, since I only used PvP on certain occasions only, so I never went deep on how this skill can be developed. Let's try to be objective to the proposal of the question :)

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Well first you will have to know the cooldowns of your spells as a mage.
For example its not the same if you do UE first or if you do it after. You need to do the best optimized combination of spells depending on the spells cooldown , for example Sorcerer ( Exevo vis hur then exevo gran vis lux , then sd and then UE) thats the better combination of spells. But the most important skill as a mage on pvp is the hability you have throwing magic walls and paralyne rune and at the same time the hability of predict your enemy moves, if you control all this things you will be a very nice mage on pvp. Hope it helps ! :p
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Seems a good way to sum up ! Any other sequential moves that you would recommend apart from that sorcerer recommendation? Druids should prioritize paralyze and push enemies on the diagonal, right? I heard it at some place about walking diagonal being the least efficient movement (the famous para-push).

Paralyze seems also very important because it can easily delay the use of potions (the most important thing to neglect on an enemy, I guess)
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1- A good exercise you can do is run in dangerous places like Roshamuul, this helps to improve the reflexes, to know when to mop and manage your resources (Spells / Pot / Rings / Amulets).

2- The second you can do is just PKing alone or better pking in dangerous areas, like same Roshamuul.

3- With friends can use the Battle arenas, to train.

In damage you must respect/learn the CD times of the items and the spells that are different from each other, apart from clear take sets and items that increase your damage.

You are good on PvP is you can kill ppl alone or escape from traps with no help of others. If you can kill/survive runing with other in hard palces and listen instructions on wars. Making your own traps or strategys.
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What are the more important gear/supply when running away from enemies? Speed items (Jean Pierre food, armor, etc), MWs and disintegrate runes? Anything else essential that you may recommend?
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Use a protection set.
Try to walk with right clic.
Use your mount.
Always have MW and Des Runes.
Sometimes is better to you get trape with few mobs than keep runing.
If you can do, use xlog with the tunnel (If you use) to be free if get trap.
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Isn't abusing xlog something against Tibia rules?
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I talk with some friends and dont find how It is illegal, but anothers say you can use but no abuse.
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Good pvper knows how to

- Predict ue/sd combos

- Switch amulets (Ssa, glooth amulet, koshei)

- Switch energy ring/might ring while he is manaing and healing to stay alive long as possible

- Take spots on actions (Magic wall spot, spots next to person

- Trash, use bombs, use flowers

- Know when to para and when to mwall

- Always pay attention what "line" are you staying at, if your commander tells to parapush and for example west line move, you move if you are west line and stay still if you are not.

Tbh i could keep this list going for ever. Pvp in tibia is more complicated than anything else in this game compared. You will get good only by pvping which is dying currently, only true fighters and warheroes still can competete and rest are bad and die.
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So you recommend to be excellent at hotkeys? Having a mouse with some extra buttons helps?

Interesting! So battling on the official Arenas do not really make me better at all? Seems a pretty interesting concept.... We only get good if we are willing to die on the game.

And yes, PvP seems much more complex than compared to PvE. Discord communication would be essential on a PvP team, so?