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I was looking at auctions for Thais and there was houses that ONLY sorcerers can enter. Can I still bid on this and own it if I'm not a Sorcerer? But that would possibly mean I own a house that I can't even enter so I'm not sure why I would do that to myself only if I plan to resell it.

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LOL I didn't know that we had such a thing. Houses only for sorcerers... and they say sorcerers suck... haha
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I was like... is this a new thing because I've never heard about it until I was looking at houses ._. I dont think there's knight, pally, or druid only houses:(:(

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You can't enter to these houses because they are located in Sorcerer's Guild here (That mean only sorcerer's can pass there). You can still bid the houses even if you are not a sorcerer.

For example Sorcerer's Avenue 5 (Shop) is located in front of Sorcerer's Guild here and all people can enter there.

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Thanks for your research, good to know you can still bid on them and own them but I don't see why you would want that unless you wanna resell....I wonder what the Sorcerers got going on over there. Picked you as best answer already because you provided me all the information I asked for.