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Hello, I decided to start looking for the Welter. I know that this boss always spawns with Spawns of the Welter which heals the boss and other monsters around. Is it possible to trap or lure somewhere Spawn of the Welter to kill the Welter easier?

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The tactic depends on situation which you can see when you meet the boss. I mean that sometimes The Welter  has spawned before few minutes and there is not many Spawns Of The Welter - in this case i suggest to kill Spawns as first and then focus on the boss, but kill his Eggs at the same time (for mages the best way is to kill him with Thunderstorm runes, waves and UE). Just don't let the Eggs change into Spawn Of The Welter and kill it before it happen.

If you meet The Welter with a lot of Spawns firstly you have to lure the boss away from group of Spawns and then kill it in the same way as I mentioned.

I don't recommend trapping with The Welter, it is the best way to commit a suicide or kill other players. If you are trapped with boss and some spawns, he can create Eggs out of your reach and make more spawns. In time there are so many of them, that boss become almost immortal and sooner or later you'll be out of your supplies.

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My guide is a little bit outdated, so very good points Pochwalona, thumbs up.
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ive personally never experienced this boss so thanks for the info as well <3
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It wouldn't be a boss question if we didn't include TibiaBosses in our answers as a resource. This goes out to Williams as the credit goes to him when it comes to the article and boss answer. The answer to your question is yes it's possible to lure the Spawns of the Welter south of the cave to avoid them healing the boss! Just make sure you kill the eggs to avoid this as well.



Killing Welter solo - Elite Knight by Williams

 .....You need to remember that those spawns heal themselves and that Welter can devour them to heal himself. It's important to get rid of them before we start killing the boss.

I destroyed the egg which was blocking my way and quickly lured the Welter south of the cave. Then I could kill the spawns and destroy the eggs without any problems.

With spawns and eggs cleared we can proceed to slowly lure the boss near the stairs.

It's actually the easiest part now. We need to kill the boss with the usual chain of spells (exori gran, exori min, exori, exori gran ico, etc.)

Welter heals much and quite often so try to do it as fast as possible. Whenever an egg appears, move with boss to stand next to the egg, so you will destroy eggs and kill boss at the same time. Don't let the spawn to hatch, because things might get hard.

And the final hint - remember to look before you leap. If you go down the stairs and see the welter with for example 7 spawns it will be extremaly hard to use tactic described above. Don't get yourself surrounded by hydras/spawns.

However if your level is 400+ you can try to use utito tempo+spells while going up and down the stairs. This should be enough to kill spawns with 2 or 3 hits (spawns have about 2k hp).  Then you can skip the luring and just proceed with killing the boss and destroying eggs.

Also for here is another video of a team doing it


In this video there was a team (a mage and knight) whom at 3 minutes you can see the Spawn of Welters and how bad it can get, however they eventually lured them south to work with the boss himself - the Welter.  Each time an egg appears they kill it. The mage is sding and the knight is tanking at times.