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How does the cooldowns and exhaust system work?

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Cooldowns: Is the time needed to recover from an action (Like cast spell) to do it again.

Types Cooldowns are:

- Attack: All the Attack Spells (E: Exoris) and Runes.

- Healing (Not Potions): Healing spells (E: Exura).

- Support (Utility Spells): Utani Hur, Eani Hur "Up/Down, Exani Tera...

- Special Attack: Spells to do a big damage on ONE target (E: Exori Gran Frigo).

- Conjure: Spell to create Ammunitons.

A spell that belongs to a certain group blocks the spell group for a certain amount of time.
E: Most attack spells generally block the attack group for 2 seconds. Ultimate spells such as "exori gran ico" block this group for 4 seconds.

Spells group dont interfere with each other. This means you can use attack, healing, support and conjure spells at the same time.

: When object (Potions, Runes, Tool, Weapons) are used, you cannot used another object for 1 second.

Some actions like Wearing Equipment, Weapong Attack and Eating Food dont trigger the object cooldowns.

In order to use an object, you have to stand still. If you are on movement cant use objects.

Exhaust and Cooldowns:

Objects can trigger cooldowns because they can perforn certain actions that are considered a spell.

Weapon attacks is different, they behave as objects but the have a unique cooldown of 2 seconds (You cant see it) and they are affected by the attack cooldown group.

Other objects dont interfere with weapon attacks but the rules for using objects still apply (You cant attack when moving).

Wit this you can start doing more than one action per second, example you can healing more using spell+rune at the same time.

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