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I know in the past luring used to be a thing with no restrictions. Now there are restrictions but I've heard you can still lure certain creatures. Which specific creatures or bosses are under this classification?

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Normally, monsters can be lured 50 squares from their spawn, and raid monsters can be lured without restrictions.

Bosses like Midnight Panther or Orshaabaal, monsters that spawn from quests and monsters from raids are not restricted.

I'm not sure but i think it also works on roshamuul when you spawn Guzzlemaw from horns then you can lure it without "poof".

Source TibiaWiki.

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hmmmm interesting i didnt know this about the midnight panther so i guess this boss will be all over port hope XD
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Yeah, you can actually lure a midnight panther all the way to Port Hope depot xD