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Many people told me that the 4 dragons from the first dragon world quest drop good loots, but I don't know what I should look for. So what's the best loots they can drop and how much they cost ?
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Please, try to adjust the name of your post.
"The First dragon" is the name of the final boss of the quest, and he has no loot.
I can see that you actually mean the mini-bosses, so the title is misleading. Just a tip...
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did it, thanks

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I think that in general loot from these dragon bosses is quite good, everytime you kill them you can loot some expensive creature products, which you can sell to Yasir.

There are plenty of rumors that you can loot some expensive and very rare items. I think that it's even hard to call it "rumors" since this info you can find among an official fansites (so it is a trustful source), but we have to remember that fansites are built by players, not by Cipsoft. Sometimes this info are simply wrong. For now the only confirmed rare item is Maxilla Maximus  which you can loot from Zorvorax, dragon boss from Edron.

Maybe in few years a very lucky player will publish some screenshots with his unknown for now rares looted from these bosses, who knows! As soon as it happen, I'll edit my answer :)

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While making First Dragon Quest you have to kill 4 mini bosses :

  •  Kalyassa with possible loot  Dragon Scale Boots
  •  Tazhadur with no special loot.
  •  Zorvorax with possible loot Dark Lord's Cape,  `Royal Scale Robe, Maxilla Maximus
  • Gelidrazah the Frozen with no special loot.

I heard the story that  drops also Molten Plate but I didn;t confirm that yet.

Remember that you can kill mini bosses in every 20 hours.

EDITED: Source 1  Source 2

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I think ppl might loot it before Cipsoft add auto screenshots, also look how many ppl don't care about tibia wiki etc. to send photos there and let people know. There is small % of people which care about knowledge for Tibians, rest might max send screen to his friend in my opinion or keep it for yourself.
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How does the tibiawiki / Tibiaroyal knows it is actually loot in the first place?
And there's a difference between "not everyone taking screenshot" and "NO ONE taking screenshots"...

I guess we will find out in a month, hopefully I will come back to this post with my own Dark Lords Cape and gladly say I was wrong  xDD
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Well, I'm sorry that I gave you a down-vote, hope you'll understand. My recent experience showed that there are a lot of misleading information among tibia fansites. The reason is because all these fansites build community/players who sometimes spread false info and other players repeat it because of the official source. The most exposed fansites are those with contribution programs, ppl are willing to write everything for some points. This is how people believed over 10 years that they can loot Amazon Set on Thais Orc raid. In this case I think that definitely better is to wait for the proof and then announce this kind of info.
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