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We all have fist fighting skill, but no fist weapon, why not? And  what's the use of fisting skill if theres no weapon ?
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hey I got a new answer so technically we had a Fist Weapon at some point! If you can look at what I posted, it might interest you and maybe make you change your best answer :)
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Oh, I also added another weapon that looks like a fist weapon but it is not a fist weapon :)

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There was actually a Fist Weapon that was removed from Tibia!

Apparently, the name was Knuckles (but I cannot confirm).

I could only find a SINGLE screenshot proving it. It is a really old one that I got from a Reddit topic. You can check the item right below the Knight Legs in this screenshot:

A big thanks to the user Verkon from Reddit for mentioning it! He also claims that this was most likely a 4.0 or 5.0 screenshot. You can find the post in this thread by Guarilonio:


As a second note, a item that probably was remnant from when Fist Fighting had something else was the Power Ring. You can read mopre about the history in this thread by Urinecakes from Reddit:


However, I cannot confirm if the Power Ring being realted to Fist Fighiting is that old, since I cannot find when Cipsoft started to make rings grant you powers. Bright Sword Quest is a old quest so it might be that the ring was just for the quest back when Knuckles apparently existed, as I could research about on Tibia Wiki page:



Just to mention something important, we currently have a item in game that looks like a fist weapon but it is actually a club weapon! It is the Pair of Iron Fists!

Pair of Iron Fists
You see a pair of iron fists (Atk:45, Def:17).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 50 or higher.
It weighs 45.00 oz.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Pair_of_Iron_Fists

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I didnt know this whhhat... thank you!
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I know right. Looks like the brass knuckles that someone in a gang in real life would use, lol. Curiously, nobody really cared to record more info about this item.
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I also added another nice info regarding the theme! :D
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Actually, there is no use for fist fighting skill.

When you remove your weapon you can check on your character cyclopedia your ATTACK VALUE, and then after advancing some fist fighting skills, you can check it again: It doesn't change!!!

Getting skills does not increase your damage, only leveling up will increase fist damage. 

I confronted CIPSOFT with this question in one of the "ticker messages" forum posts, but all of the CMs ignored the issue. And that post is now vanished.

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interesting. thanks for lettin us know u told them about it im not sure why they would delete ur posts. maybe definitely propose something be done about fist fighting cuz this is just something that will completely change tibia and others ideas on it. however..imagine if druids were fist fighters;P or any voc
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They didn't delete MY post, they deleted the whole thread, since it was from a past month hahaha
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This is a really good question. I think we could have at least knuckles that will help us fist fight. That would be an awesome implementation. However, I'm sure they are focused on other things as not a lot of people train fists. But it's a skill that needs to not be so overlooked. Hopefully soon we'll get an upgrade! I cannot find a comment on this matter on Tibia Fandom or Tibia.com by looking through archives.

The primary benefit of fist fighting is that you do not need a weapon to hunt. This not only gives you more capacity, but it also allows you to save money from purchasing weapons.

The primary drawback of fist fighting is that it will always have a lower attack than any other melee skill that uses a weapon. You do not benefit from the attack and defense values that weapons have.