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I remember Venore used to be my spot to AFK outside of my house until they started the Feverish citizen raids. Can you please let me know what town is now safe to AFK in? Of course on worlds other than optional PVP this seems to be a bad idea, however I'm in optional PVP. I'm sure you still need to be careful if others but I guess this question is moreso about avoiding raids or creatures killing you.

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Right now, if you talk about long time security inside a town, for me the safest would be Edron, Oramond, Farmine and Issavi (east side of the city, crossing the river): All them have no inside-town raids and can not get creatures lured in:

Other towns contras to leave a character afk during some seasons or at low level:

  • Carlin: Dryads raids
  • Ab'dendriel: Bugs south east of depot, and Ab'dendriel south gate raids (wolves, war worlves, wasps
  • Venore: Feverish citizen raids
  • Kazordoon: Some floors have dwarves, but most it is safe aswell
  • Thais: Orc raids (orcs can be lured until depot)
  • Svargrond: Penguins can be lured in, although they are weak, maybe if you leave a low lvl character afk for 15 minutes, they will make to kill it.
  • Darashia: Posibility to lure creatures inside the town, and in Halloween  the mutated pumpkin spawns and can be lured in.
  • Port Hope: Some weak creatures can be lured near the buildings of the town and there is a raid in the south part of the town of lizards sentinels
  • Ankrahmun: There is a raid of nomads outside the gates, but sometimes they spawn inside the town aswell.
  • Yalahar: Bat and Vampire raids sometimes
  • Liberty bay: Pirate raids
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Super detailed! Yes oramond is actually my home away from my two other homes :)
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I guess pretty much every town you can be safe outside PZ (in non-pvp servers, ofc).

Why do I think that? Because, even tho creatures can be lured / raids appear, you can always go to the underground of a building, or +1, +2, +3, of an apartment building, etc...

You don't have to stay AFK in front of the DP, where you are the most exposed, if you are anywhere outside the surface, you are 99% safe.

(the 1% unsafe is because in venore, feverished citizens may respawn in some buildings in places that are not surface)