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How does "HIT%" work for Paladins? Is it a "flat" addition or is it a multiplying factor (like elemental defense)?

I'll give an example to ilustrate my question:

(Number are fictitious)

  • Level 200 Paladin with Distance Skill = 100
  • Let's assume that in that situation (that level and that skill) the chance of my bolt hitting the target is 70%

If I switch to a Crossbow that grants me Hit%+5, what will happen? Situation 1 or 2?

  1. There will be a flat addition to my hit%, so instead of my previous 70%, I will now have 70+5 = 75% chance of hitting the target
  2. The 5% is a multiplying factor, so instead of my previous 70%, I will have 70%*1,05 = 73,5%

The difference may seem small, but I believe is important to know exactly how things work, so we can take everything into account, when making a decision.

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if someone is researching this I should add that it were nice if those examples were made with and WITHOUT imbuements, is known already that critical affects the average damage (in short there would be less lower damage due those that become critical) so were nice to know if  those who would become critical wouldn't fail neither

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I already provided a partial answer to this question in this other one: How does the distance skill influence the hit rate?
Yours adds a different topic, the modifiers.

There is one clear way to test this, and I used it myself. Crystalline Arrows are supposed to have a 95% hit rate. I have confirmed this is quite accurate on samples of 500 hits, but obviously that sample size is low to make assumptions on.
It still stands though, that their hit rate is not 100% because they do miss.

However, if you perform the test with a Warsinger Bow which has a +5% hit rate modifier (or others with the same or higher value) you never miss.

With this, we can assume the ratio is added flat to the base, and not a multiplying factor. Tibia-stats is dead, sadly. It really helped on this topics.

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u could probably enjoy guild stats article about distance, they did pretty well regarding these assumptions aswell
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Yeah I've seen them! It still misses a couple ideas of mine or training options, but it's very well explained and researched.
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From my experience I can tell u only about that If u have 100 distance level and bow with 5% you will never miss arrow in monster which is normal vs physical attack. :D
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Tbh, your answer is just plain wrong... Why do I think it is wrong:

1) The higher the skill, the higher the chance of hitting, we all know that, but I'm pretty sure the chance is NEVER 100%.
2) I have a paladin with 123 distance fighting skill and it still misses sometimes (even with a bow giving me extra %)
3) The creature physical defense has absolutely nothing to do with the chance of the arrow missing or hitting, the defense will be applied over the damage the creature would take, it doesn't prevent the creature from being hit. If that was true, no paladins would ever hit an arrow in a Ghost, but they do, don't they?
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Im playin paladin since 2011, and with 100 distance level and bow which have 5% Hit u will never miss you might hit for 1 or 15 but you never gonna miss.
"2) I have a paladin with 123 distance fighting skill and it still misses sometimes (even with a bow giving me extra %)" nice "extra" word where as i said 5% grant you that u never gonna miss so what a person would blame me and sayin extra % LOL
You can have 4% and 200 distance on utito and u might still miss.
With psyhical dmg if u hit arrow for 1 there would be no dmg so someone might take it as miss lol.
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i won't complain about 100+ dist with bow because i don't often hunt with arrows, but i can totally say that THIS doesn't happen with  crossbow+bolts

I have 111 dist with set, spectral bolts, crossbow of destruction, lvl 260, and i do miss bolts sometimes when hunting at 2-3 sqm (the most accurate distance), isn't a hit blocked or so is totally miss because the bolt lays 1-2 sqm far from my target.