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I'm wondering if it's possible to buy store outfits without the addons because I remember back when the store was a new thing you could buy outfits cheaper without the addons and then pay extra for the addons. Is this still possible?

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It was possible to buy outfit and addons in parts before March 2018. Now, If you wanna buy store outfit you have to buy all parts together (basic outfit, both addons). Even if you have store outfit for example: basic outfit with one addon you have to pay full price for basic and both addons.

Attention Tibians: From March 2018 on only Full Outfits can be purchased in the Store. If you have any incomplete Store outfits you would like to complete, we strongly recommend you to buy the missing Addons before March 09, 2018. Once Basic Outfits and Addons have been removed from the Store, you will need to buy the full version to complete such outfits even though you already own parts of them.


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@Beix, Thats ridiculous xD
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I also added a link and a quote from the official newsticker about this to the answer.
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Yes, I saw the news when it happened, but I couldn't afford it complete those days, so we, the broke ones, got stuck