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I've seen some posts about bosses, but they are mostly talking about bosses for a 5-Player team.

Since my team is not always online, I wanted to know some bosses I can actually SOLO kill daily, for some profit/rares.

I'll list those that I'm usually soloing everyday, and I hope you can guys can tell me some other bosses that I'm missing and could be killing as well:

  1. Oberon
  2. Scarlett Etzel
  3. Faceless Bane
  4. All 3 mini-bosses in Port Hope from Feaster of Souls
I know that some of the werecreatures bosses drop foxtail, but I'm not sure which, so I don't go there tbh, do you guys know which one does?

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You can kill 3 mini bosses from cobra bastion - you can lure them into door and stand inside. When you will do that monster will stay next to you all the time, This loot is not that rare as everyone think but items are in good price:)

I made a movie how to trap those bosses: HERE

 Ugly monster -  you can loot all cobra items from it

 Gaffir -  Cobra Rod and  Cobra Wand

Guard Captain Quaid -  Cobra Boots and Cobra Crossbow

Next boss you can make solo is Black Vixen -  Wolf Backpack and Foxtail

Ferumbras boss every 2nd day - Mazoran  with possible loot Tempest Shield and Impaler of the Igniter (It's easy to kill it solo for 600+ ek)

Zugurosh -  Golden Boots

 Brokul -  Deepling Fork, Deepling Ceremonial Dagger

All Pharaons but in my opinion the best is Ashmunrah with Holy Scarab

Depends of the voted in Rathleton there are 2 good bosses to camp:

 Glooth Fairy - Feedbag

Bullwark -  One Hit Wonder

You should also remember about bosses like White Pale, Midnight Panther or  Rotworm Queen. Those bosses spawns a little faster than normal rare bosses and you can loot good rares from them like Albino Plate,Horn or Panther Head

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I edited my answer with link to the movie :)
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Thank you, I see you trapped the cobras in the room before!
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Oh, each White Pale has cooldown from 14 to 28 days, so I wouldn't say that it is comarable to the Midnight Panther with 3 days of cooldown. Similar is with Rotworm Queen.
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Foxtail you an loot from werefox boss - Black Vixien  :) Rest of were-bosses are rather not profitable these days.

Sometimes I can see people who are doing solo Duke Krule  from The Grave Danger Quest where you can loot Terra Helmet or even Final Judgement.

I have to mention about Raging Mage, which we can treat as a "daily boss"!

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Depending on your vocation, the INQ posses can be done multiple times a day solo and wield great profit too :) 

For example (many peoples favorite as it's the most profitable ) : Zugurosh  who can drop the Golden boots .