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Hi! If we only think about making a profit (in team), what would be an optimal bosses list? from the most important to the least important?, for example I daily kill King Zelos, Pale Worm, Obreron, Drume, Scarlett, The Nightmare Beast and Mini Arena

It takes 1 hour and 15 mins to do all those bosses but, only thinking in profit, there are other bosses that are more profit than this ones?, for example: Mini Vengoth (The Unwelcome +The Fear Feaster +The Dread Main) > King Zelos
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Does level matter or just in general profit in a team?
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Just profit, we have a team of lvls 800-1000
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added level range on question. Please, remember to always add the level range in this kind of question, ok? :)

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Well, I got a similar team about level and we like to make only final bosses. 

The ones we made the most: 

  • Final Library
  • Final Gold Token /sometimes the mini bosses [each 15 days]
  • Final Ferumbras [each 15 days]
  • Final Vengoth
  • Mini DC /Sometimes final
  • Ratmiral
  • And the new WZ (2021)~
  • Oberon/Drume
Now, if your team has time, you can make everyday one mini boss of Soulwar.