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I got the task but it's too long and boring to do, I would do only for the items (to sell, not to do the addon), so my question is if it's worth do the task to sell the items (considering all the time you'll spend killing pirates)

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In my opinion it is worth it and there are 3 reasons as to why, these are :

1) You will finish the pirates in the Bestiary and that will wield a good amount of charm points which will always be useful for charms.

You'd gain 90 charm points all together if you finish the bestiary for Pirate corsairs (25 charm points)  Pirate cutthroats (25 charm points)  Pirate marauders (15 charm points) and  Pirate bucaneers (25 charm points) 

2) The pirates drop items like hooks , eye patches and peg legs which are worth a lot on every world as they're needed for addons therefore you will make a lot of money.

3) Killing the boss will drop a rare boss item which is worth a lot thus you profit a lot or you can use the item yourself to get the addons for the pirate outfit.