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There's three floors of carnivoras and I was wondering what set would be best to wear here. What protection whether it would be an element or physical I'm not sure as i dont have much experience hunting here. I'm a mage if that helps (:

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When I was doing bestiary and a little profit exp on my 600 ED I used terra/phisical eq on every floor always the same. It was:

  • Cobra Rod with imbiuements on mana and critical
  • Gnome helmet with imbiuements on mana and mlvl
  • Bear Skin without imbiuement but life leech would be the best
  • Enchanted Theurgic Amulet
  •  Gnome legs can be exchanged with Gill Legs
  • Pair of Dreamwalkers
On lower level I would recomment more physical protection :
  •  Prismatic Ring
  • Dwarven Armor with imbiuements on mana and hp leech
  • Dwarven Helmet with mana leech imbiuement
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Thank you for the different set options and the reason why you would use the set,much appreciated <3 I was wearing a gill set so...yea...