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I see, still if it is not stated anywhere that owl is a one-time prize you should get the 2nd for all the hard work you have done here.
Legit 4k + 5k points is imho  something exceptional.
Jul 24 by Williams
Just out of curiosity, will you get the 2nd owl once you reach 9000 points? (4000+5000 as per current requirements) :)
Jul 23 by Williams
Thanks for the heads up on the returning comment. Not sure why it came back
Jun 8 by Severblade
actually you know what, i feel like im causing to much drama for you. ill delete my comments
Jun 7 by Severblade
Sorry mate ill move this to your wall. It shows that you made an edit 3 hours ago. Feel free to call me an idiot
Jun 7 by Severblade
So do you get another Owl if you hit 8000 before June 1st? : )
May 19 by Severblade
Gtz on yours 4000!!
Jan 27 by Beix
Thank you! You are so cloooose, gogogo!
Jan 24 by Beix
Hello, thx for your contact. From my part it's already done no resentment. As said it was just a misunderstand, I just think you cross the line when u said I was trying to steal you. I totally understand you disagree about the question modification (specially for the silly grammar error) but a simply msg here would avoid all this situation. Anyway this is past, think we can forget that. Have a good weekend!
Jan 17 by lehula dohon
It's my wallllll
Dec 25, 2019 by shawtay
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