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I'm 205 lvl EK and i would love to start maming great profits after 2 months of PG. Currently I make money on Baby Rosha in Feyrist, I'm getting there about 300k gold/h with 1.4kk/h exp on full stamina. I wonder if there is any better place for such lvl knight to profit? I heard many good things about Mino Cults at Mintwallin, but can it be better that my current spot? Maybe there are others spawn worth considering?

Thanks for help in advance.

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In my opinion Mini Rosha on Feyrist  is the best place for this lvl ek or rp. I always exp there for profit with preys on my 150 lvl rp and I am making profit between 300-800k(was lucky once with nightmare blades). Exp is also not that bad if you exp on -2 floor ( floor with the boss Kroazur). Also if you have preys on mana leech, believe me, you will leave this place with waste :)
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How can i get the boss Kroazur? I need any quest to do this?
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You need to do Threatened Dreams Quest until the mission "A Dream Come True", then you can go to kill Kroazur
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I'd say the Mino Cults are better to make profit but worse to hunt since it's far and loots are extremely heavy, so you must have Postman Quest done and take some parcel with you to send the loot to your depot. Also you will need use imbuements at your level, I recommend search some video at youtube (there are alot) explaning how to hunt there.

I think u can make 400k+ profit there if hunting well but the main problem will be to find the good number of supplies to go there.