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Maybe the question is a little confusing.

Following Gallifrey's advice, today I have finaly picked up 2 ice mammoth tusks (in ph). My problem is that I got my house in LB, so obviously I can't push them there.

Until I figure out a solution (if there is one), I have put them on a friends house. And then it came to my mind, what would happen if I bid a house in PH, put the tusks on it, and then leave it.

Would the tusks dissapear? Will them be send to my imbox?

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If you can't pick up the item or it cannot be placed inside the depot when you leave the house it will disappear or get destroyed as if it never existed.

However in this question itself: https://www.tibiaqa.com/8296/how-to-obtain-an-icy-mammoth-tusk?show=8296#q8296

it actually tells you can use Orichalcum PearlOrichalcum Pearls to travel but only to Greenshore in which you can drag to Thais nearby for example or other cities that are nearby. You need to complete the Astral Portals mission in The Explorer Society Quest to be able to buy and use them. Lets you travel from Port Hope to Northport (near Carlin) or back. The same applies for Liberty Bay to Svargrond.

    • You can obtain them during Chakoya Iceberg mini word change in Port Hope.
    • On the second flor you can find a mammoth tooth on the wall. Use "browse field" to pick them. 
    To transport them to mainland form Port hope you need Explorer society quest to the mission "Astral portals".
  • After that mission you will be able to use teleport system in Explorer society headquarters in PH.
  • Put the tooth on the tile, and by using "Orichalcum Pearl" teleport yourself with tooth to Explorer society headquarters in Greenshore.

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your right the tp in Port Hope is only good to go to north port* lol my typos sorry
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I tried Knightwatch Tower and they didn't work with items thrown into teleports so you can't go that route to any other city besides FACC cities.
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I guess im stuck
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Items which can't be stack in depo are deleted. Other items you will be able find in you depo in mailbox.