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I'm referring to the spike in kazordoon. So I know the bottom spike has no level limit but the upper and middle do. My question is if I level in the upper or middle but exceed the level limit there do they kick us out or do we get to stay there but then we cant enter that level again?

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No you don't! Aslong as you don't go out, you can stay inside at any lvl you make to reach. Ofc once you go out you won't be able to enter back.

Time ago i used to log out my char inside if I had passed lvl 49, and resupply It with lvls 25. But I think nowadays are better respawns than spikes to lvl Up a lvl 50+char
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thanks for your personal experience and also your fast response. safe to say just bring as much supplies as possible or have someone bring you supplies if you want to stay longer.
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leave the respawn just before lvling up to 50(upper) or 80 (medium), full refill and go back
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