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According to this post, the limit of the depot for premium accounts is 10k items, and for free accounts is 2k.

What happens to the limit exceeding items in my depot if I lose premium status?

For example: if I have in my depot 5k items, and I lose premium status, what happens with the items over the 2k limit for free accounts? Would 3k items disappear from the depot? Or I will just not be able to store any more items until I regain premium status again, but those 3k excess items will remain in the depot until then (or until I take them out from the depot)?

Thanks in advance!

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Items will not disappear, you will simply not be able to put anything in deposit until you reduce the number of items below 2000. So you can remove the items but you will not put them in.

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One more small thing: You can receive parcels without any problem even after the limit, but you cannot insert any item in the stash either (keep in mind that stashed items are counting as depot items)
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Free accounts can’t use the stash...!
Market items are stored the same way as parcels? In this case
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When you lose premium status you don’t lose any items but you can’t add nothing to your depot until you clear some space... its just like the VIP you can add alot of friends there but when you are free you can add anymore but you still keep everyone in the list
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The same as VIP list (when premium you can have 100 friends, free accounts can have 20). So, if you have 90 friends and loose your premium status, you will keep those 90 friends on the VIP list, you just can't add more players.

The same on depot: if you have more than 2000 items, you won't be able  to put more items on the depot itself, you can also send parcels as a way to do this.