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Is there any trick to making room in my depot that can save me time rather than selling loot? I get so lazy and just don't have time to sell my loot but need to make space!

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You could buy a parcel and put a bunch of stuff into it then parcel it to yourself. Items in the inbox don't count against your depot limit.
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If you have a house you can get some empities backpacks and put retrieve on itens that you got more quantite and store them on house.

another trick is put items that you have in a big quantity for a high price on market so no one will buy like with a bigger price than rashid/djiin would pay, for example i had 1k titan axe on depot and put them for 6k each to free space.
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The best tactic is create a fake announcement at the market and later cancel it so all the items will stay at your mailbox.