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My friend had told me he was able to tame the midnight panther with a music box and so did his friend by counting to 3 and using the music box on the midnight panther at the same time. Thus they were able to get 2 mounts using 1 midnight panther. Is this true - can you do this? I'm assuming this would only work if you time it perfectly but I'm not sure I never done it myself.

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It is possible.

When you use a Music Box  , there is a small delay until the Panther (or any other creatures) puffs and disappears, in this time, someone else can also use the Music Box and tame it!

Here some old videos of people doing it: 

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This makes  sense.  When a Thornfire wolf changes into a Crystal Wolf, there is a brief period where both exist at the same time. I don't think real world analogy's can be applied to programming kinks.
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Yes, the crystal wolf is a good example of same delay, you can actually do bestiary for both thornfire wolf AND crystal wolf, due to this delay
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Yes it's possible. I had my own experience with that, my friend and I tamed the same Midnight Panther.
Also triend to tame the same Crustacea but didin't work, probably because the item to tame do not give 100% that u will tame.
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Every time you tame the new mount there is very small delay when you can see achievement for taming and still alive creature. You can see this situation on the screenshot:

In this moment you have Midnight Panther tamed, and another person can use his Music Box, he will tame it as well.

So it is possible to tame it with few players, but all of them must use Music Box (to have 100% sure of success) in ~0,5 second after first player has tamed the mount.

Another option is to tame and kill panther at once. Just use Music Box on Midnight Panther when it is on it's red HP and hit strongly, for example with Sudden Death Rune.

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Look I'll answer based on my opinion only, without any test. I guess that the logic is only one person get the mount as you need 1 mount and 1 creature to get the mount. So I think that it could be as if two people try to eat the same food and the same time, even if they are using the food at the same time, only one will eat the food, as there's only one food. So I mean: there's only one creature and only one mount.