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I'm curious as to what the strongest monster is that can't see invisible. Is it Stonerefiners? Stonerefiner

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By checking tibiawiki's page on Creatures, then ordering it by EXP, after the Stonerefiner (500 exp) the next creature I found was:

 Corym Skirmisher (260 exp), so I believe you are right, it seems to be Stonerefiner!

PS: I didn't check ALL creatures, since many I know for a fact that it sees invisibility, I just clicked some that I wasn't sure and that I thought may be blind to invisibility. Therefore, I may have missed a stronger creature.

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do you know if a thanatursus can see invisiblity? i just found this list today and i think it's good to leave here.  :) https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Creatures_Not_Immune_to_Invisibility