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I'm from a time when soft boots were indispensable to hunt, but now with imbuements new boots with physic protection, I don't know if it is still useful or only imbuement helps the mana regeneration

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This is my opinion when hunting on a Knight and hunting with friends who are Knights in early levels soft boots are great because you don't have that much mana and you can save a little money. You could also wear them when your hunting solo in certain situations where creatures are weak. However, in Team Hunts you can choose to wear other things. The question to ask yourself is: Do I want to save money and avoid smashing the keys or can I make do without the soft boots and have better protection where needed? Depth Calcei can be great to protect you from physical. Maybe you need a speed boost and remain protected for the crazy experiences like Cobra Boots haha. Also, elemental boots like Void Boots to protect you from energy damage can be a good choice. I think Soft Boots are beneficial for Mages and Pallies but this depends on the user. I hope I helped!
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Nice! I'll test hunting sometimes without my soft boots to see the difference between these two options!!
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I find it useful only on low-level eks, when you want to get some additional mana and can't really use any imbuement boots yet, also it's nice using them while doing some of the easier and mid-tier bestiaries. Other than that, imbuements, any kind of protection or speed is a better choice.