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I'm questioning whether it's a good idea to either fish or loot the Northern Pike. I know where to fish for the Northern Pike if need be. I'm trying not to buy it on the market. Any tips are helpful!
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Great question. I wonder if someone has ever tested it or is willing to.
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Oh I will if no one else is willing to. However, that's the last thing on my to do list! Thanks for your kind words.

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Definitely easier to fish.

To loot it is pretty difficult, I've killed 221 Northern Pikes, and just 1 of them became a lootable Northern Pike. (Yes, this happens)

And I've completed all chakoyas bestiary and never looted any from them...

I used to make money fishing Pikes back in 2015, when 30k was still "a lot" of money. Now is almost nothing...

I did a route in which I could always be fishing, would almost never run out of icy holes. And my average was 5 Pikes/Hour, therefore, around 150k,

Here is my route:

PS: Going to point D is not always necessary, it depends a lot on your character fishing skill. If its low, then you will be fine by just fishing at A,B,C

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Also, a penguin can drop a Northern Pike, but I guess its even more of sheer luck... Definitely the best way is to fish them. Or just buy off the market! :D
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WoW, nice info, i didnt even know that killing northerm piles could make them lootable! Amazing
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Beix, I didn't too, until I killed one on my way to Deathlings and it just dropped on the floor haha