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I know you can have a lot of players in a team to kill the first dragon boss but what is the ideal or minimum team required?

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The ideal team is the full team of 15 players which means your will waste less and will be the safest way. Now if you want to know the minimum number os players you can do you must keep in your mind it will depends of characters level. Talking by own experience I've already did it in a team of 10 players without any difficult.
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It is possible for 15 players maximum to enter the boss fight. However, the last year we did it as a 6/7 man team (level range 400-700) and had no difficulty doing it. Using vocational summons is a great help.
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yea summons arent allowed this year 2020 :( i miss them
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A team with 5-6 players lvl 500+ will defeat the final boss in a easy way if every one know about the boss mechanics.