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Hello Dear Tibians!

Today I'm here to ask you two related questions:

  1. Knowing we need 03 Porcelain Mask.gif Porcelain Mask and 50 Colourful Feathers.gif Colourful Feathers to complete the addons 1 and 2 of Festive Outfit, how many times do I have to kill The First Dragon to collect all of these items? 
  2. Is it possible to complete the outfit and both addons during one event without buying any item?

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Loot from boss

  • 3x colourful_feathers Colourful Feathers always
  • porcelain_mask Porcelain Mask (cooldown 5days)

You can fight with boss every 20 hours.  Event duration: 16.01 - 12.02.  It turns out that you can get an outfit without buying items. Every 5 days one mask boss killed 3 times, 18 times boss every 20 hours for 50 feathers..