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I'm trying to find the entrance to Zao Orc Land, it's north in Farmine. I can't seem to make it past these big doors. How do I get to the other side?

(I circled where I'm talking about 1st map is of farmine ground level, 2nd map is of where Im currently standing)

I tried to do some research on a fansite but this is all I was able to find:

Zao Orc Land is found on the Zao Steppe. It is accessible from Farmine by way of the mountain pass. The land is split into three sections.


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Yes, you can reach the place. This fortress actualy is part of the tomes of knowledge quest, since you can get one tome in there.

Here are the Maps to reach the entrance:

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The entrance to the palace is actually located at the back fo the caste. You should use hur up on the mountain edge to the right

then follow this path

until you get here:

There will be a bamboo crate which can be destroyed with any melee weapon.

Here is a link of a guy getting inside:


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You need to take the shortcut to enter the Orc Fortress, here:


In this quest, there is a map to the shortcut in the "FIRST TOME"!

That big door, won't open, tho :|

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