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Title says it all, if you stand in the spot or nearby to the spot where you get roped up from, will it prevent the 'Man in the Cave' from spawning?

Any help is much appreciated

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From my own experience YES, but in case if you're standing below all the time (without any break) and block the reset floor.


I killed 20 Mans In The Cave and 39 Dharalions and all I can say is that block their respawn is very easy. Of course it is possible that boss will appear in the moment when you're in the cave but it means that reset floor wasn't blocked before. If someone is standing there for example 10 hours without any move - then boss won't appear (the only exception in this case is the last day when he can spawn).
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I do not agree Pochwalona, we do not block spawns of creatures from upper or lower floors. I say this because it happened to me to be 30 minutes there and giving the respawn, after 30 minutes I heard monks screaming.
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I'm not talking about creatures, but about blocking reset floor - and yes, we can do it by standing on a lower level, as well as on the higher level. Monsters from the nearest levels can "see" you. That's why they're moving. If monsters don't see any character then they are static and don't move. You can observe it on deeplings or Fermor Hills. What is more by standing 30 minutes you can prove nothing, because you probably didn't block any reset floor in such a short time - we're talking about camping it few hours.
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No, "Man in the cave" respawn is done like Dharalion (I already witnessed him spawn in front of me), comes up randomly at a random time (or specified by the cip). They say it is common to have more Ice Golens in place, which should be automatic spawn as well.